How Generation X will save the world

This girl nails it on the head with a 5 pound sledge hammer. I have been sayin this for years. Nowhere near as calm cool and collect mind you, much more touch of the redneck thought process. Just the same, if I was a girl, and I was more concerned with grammer and more concerned with acceptance, and just a tad less dramatic in a burt renyolds in deliverence state of mind….it woulda been just like this.

Time is here and alot of individuals are gettin very upset with this geoup sheep theory that has left us with broken corrupted bullshit( federal govt, state govt, country govt) money laundering, scraping off the bottom and feeding off the top(welfare, corporate and lazy shiftless oh I am so depressed and my mommy spanked me welfare). The future is gonna be handed over one day to a class of individuals whose accomplishments are suspect yet have been told they are special none the less. My generation, well our accomplishemnts are suspect at best but we were called out on it, which is what brings us tothe present day future mess. Don’t get me started on thechildren of the greatest generation….fuckin hippies who were gonna change the world, and by God they did and look what we got. These fucks can’t even find their fuckin car keys.

I said all that so I could say this. THere are a few kinds of individuals in this world. the doers, the screwers and the dreamers. Now thedreamers cross over in both groups. dreamers that are does, save this world not just change it. Steve Jobs was a dreamer and a doer, Bill gates, Lee Iaccoca, ect ect…big dreams but they did it. the screwers(every politician of the last 50 years. like james brown said talkin loud and sayin notin’, lets not forget union bosses, injury lawyers, corporate welfare fucks who take cash for non performance, and then of course the group we should never speak of in a political correct conversation….fuck political correctness….the good for nothin white trash, Black trash, mexican trash, cuban, peurto rican,ect ect…did i leave anyone out. in the ghettos the trailer parks. havin babies, fuckin up a storm and add to the check they recieve. only to raise kids to do the same, LBJ and his great society ! Detroit fuckin Michigan was the model of the great society LBJ said….fuck yeah I guess so hahah. ya seen detroit lately. not much society left and it surely ain;t great.

Why do we have such a hard time admitting this, its easy try it say with me…..the policies that your federal govt, and state and county govt have implemented over the last 80 years have been the ruin of the best system that individuals could work in to achieve and not be punished. they have stolen off the backs of many generations. How’d they do this ? because we as a group of individuals became lazy. we wnated to be part of a group, part of the cool kids in class, to fit the fuck in and be included, we stopped fightin the authority and instead we coward to them.

like all things in life this is simple math…add it up

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What is Generation X? Maybe our last, best hope for change.

by Sara Robinson

You can’t blame Gen X for having had eee-freaking-nuff of the whole generational identification thing.

Americans born between 1960 and 1980 (give or take a couple years on either end) have spent their lives squeezed in between two over-hyped cohorts who have consistently hogged the spotlight, the jobs, the money, the social concern, and all the other cultural goodies that matter. To the temporal north, there are the Boomers — idealistic, moralizing, hyper-creative visionaries who still can’t entirely let go of their youthful golden years when they were so determined to Save The World. To the south, X looks down on the Millennials, the over-coddled, over-hyped, over-connected Indigo Children whose future is vanishing before their eyes — and who are now being held up at the next generation that just might Save The World.

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